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Our Mission

At CineKit, our mission is to empower low-budget indie filmmakers by offering affordable, high quality camera equipment without compromise. We believe that creative vision should never be limited by price, and our DIY assembly kits are designed to bridge that gap, allowing emerging filmmakers to capture footage that was once considered out of reach.


Tyler Haas - Founder and Industrial Designer

The Story Behind CineKit

The Frustration
The journey of CIneKit began with a familiar frustration shared by many — the daunting price tags attached to shock-absorbing car mounts. The alternative, hanging out the window with a gimbal, which initially seemed exhilarating, until unpredictable weather and close calls on the highway took the thrill away. That's when the dream took root — the dream of mounting a camera outside the car while comfortably filming from within.


As I explored the market, the reality of expensive camera arms I couldn't afford became apparent. Determined to bridge this gap, I delved into the mechanics, realizing that I could build a solution. During quarantine, a janky prototype emerged, pieced together from scrap aluminum tubing and a road bike. It was heavy, clunky, and made  riding the bike quite a challenge, but the footage hinted at the potential.

The Result

Life shifted; quarantine ended, and I returned to school for product design. The dream lingered, and a few years later, armed with knowledge and experience as a product design engineer, I revisited the project. This time, I wasn't designing just for myself; it was for people like me — creatives who craved dynamic rolling shots without breaking the bank. The result? A meticulously designed shock-absorbing camera arm that comes as a kit, attaching seamlessly to the trailer hitch.